Day Care

Day Care - 12:30- lunch time parent provide the food, We have a microwave, where the food will be heated and the children will be fed.  They nap on mats. Parents can provide pillows and blankets of requested, which will be sent home to be cleaned every friday for children in day care program. parents can send 5 sets of clothes on monday morning, so we can change the child every day .

Our regular activities include singing, dancing, craft, painting, puppet-shows, introduction to alphabets, numbers, shapes and computer aided education, educational video shows, classroom toys, use of educational aids, range of carefully selected play equipments, use of library books, aerobics, indoor / outdoor games, general knowledge, story time and more.

 Age Group      1.5 yrs  to 13 yrs
Full Day Care  8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.
Half Day Care  9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

When you are part of the fun you are a part of the learning too. By play we help in building your child's foundation of social skills, cognitive development, physical ability and self-esteem.

Children can discover new rhythms & dance to different beats. Sing all their favorite songs, and can have fun without any pressure.

There will also be support activities like sharing stories, Karate, Spoken English, Drawing, Sloka, Bhajan, Dancing, Silambam,Swimming, Singing, Art, Craft and Structured Outdoor Play.children are sure to be free to explore and create. We can help your child with the school homework too, so you can have quality time with them at home.

  • Our day care is safe, clean and well maintained
  • Our entrances to the buildings and classrooms secured
  • Children adequately supervised
  • Child care curriculum design and policies follow international curriculum
  • Outdoor area safe and monitored
  • Toys and play sanitized daily
  • Child motors wash hands regularly
  • Child Mentors are trained in CPR and first AID
  • Parents allowed to visit the center any time
  • Toys are non-toxic wooden aid with SGS certificate
  • Feeding and napping as per each childs routine

For Weekday Activities : 
Karate | Swimming |Silambam | Dance | Art and Craft | Traditional Games
Spoken English | Drawing| painting

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