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A unique, well researched, integrated and age appropriate curriculum is implemented. It focuses on all aspects of a child’s development like language, cognitive, socio emotional, and physical development.
This is done through carefully planned activities in the curriculum. Besides teaching and writing skills, the five traditional Montessori areas of education are…


The Montessori Method employs sound building blocks, facilitating a clear understanding of early mathematics The children enjoy numerous activities and materials which develop their understanding of numbers - describing shapes, position, size and quantity.
An extra parallel activity will be when the child does water play, sand play, matching or pairing, sorting, grading etc..All these exercise also build number concepts. The children soon recognize and record numbers. They enjoy counting and number games.

My Madurai Montessori Pre-School centres comprise childcare centres/preschool and enrichment centres equipped with the full range of Montessori materials/curriculum and taught by trained Montessori teachers.

My Madurai Montessori Pre-School centres cater to children from 18 months to 4 years old.

Physical Development

Children play sports for physical development. They use many tools/materials to improve dexterity – play cutlery, play dough Accessories, magnets, buckles, laces and collage making. Outdoor play in a large secure garden is available to the children throughout the year.
It is of course very healthy for the children – building muscle, strong bones and vitamin D levels. Various activities like balancing beams, slide, tunnel, tents, beanbags, hoops, hop scotch, cars, pedal bikes, a large sand pit and a water play table are a part of their daily curriculum.

Art&Creative Activities

Creativity is encouraged through imaginative drawing, painting, colouring, water play, craftwork and sand play. Arts & Craft activities give children opportunity to work with various materials.
They learn to use scissors, fold, join, thread lace, glue, print, paint etc. Malleable materials are always available i.e. play dough/clay.

Geography History and Culture

Montessori teaches history and world cultures starting as early as three. Student work with specially designed globes, puzzle maps and begin to learn names of the continents and countries.

Sensorial Development

The Sensorial material is designed to aid the mind in the development of the intellect. The functioning of the intelligence depends a great deal on mental construction that is built by experience and by conscious thought. By two years of age the child has already become well acquainted with the world.  The unconscious mind has stored up many impressions of the environment. But this is not knowledge as we understand it, because it is not of the child in this period but to obtain comparing and discrimination impressions received by the five senses. They are namely

Touch     : Tactile sense
Hearing   : Auditory sense
Sight      : Visual sense
Taste     : Gustatory sense
Smell     : Olfactory sense


Language begins with birth. Crying is the first language. An enriched language program with a variety of listening, talking, reading and writing activities help in development of communication skills. Lot of emphasis is laid on Picture reading, Phonetics sounds, Reading stories aloud , Using flash cards, Vocabulary building, Public speaking and Dramatization.